Recent Transactions

Learn about Recent Transactions for State Infrastructure Bank Programs, including State SIB Series 2018-1: Akron-Canton Regional Airport Authority, State SIB Series 2017-1: Licking County, and State SIB Series 2016-1: City of Columbus.

State SIB Series 2018-1: Akron-Canton Regional Airport Authority

In August 2018, the Treasurer’s Office assisted with the issuance of $15.7 million in bonds on behalf of the Akron-Canton Regional Airport Authority. State SIB Series 2018-1 financed improvements which include the replacement of five ground-level boarding gates with four second-level boarding gates, adding approximately 45,600 SF of new space and renovation of 10,000 SF of existing space, adding passenger boarding bridges, new restrooms, a business lounge, retail space and a children’s play area, all to meet customer demands.  The airport continues to be one of the top growing airports and this project is in addition to the $100M+ investments in the early 2000’s.

State SIB Series 2017-1: Licking County

The bonds were issued for the purpose of providing moneys to fund a loan to finance street improvements, which include the acquisition, construction, equipping, and installation of road improvements, right-of-way purchases and
issuance costs associated with the widening of State Route 310 from Interstate 70 to U.S. 40, to pay capitalized interest during construction of the Project, to fund a debt service reserve fund, and to pay certain costs of issuance of the Bonds.

State SIB Series 2016-1: City of Columbus

State SIB Series 2016-1 financed street improvements, including constructing an “S” curve on Hamilton Road, relocating a portion of State Route 161, reconfiguring the exit ramp at State Route 161, and improving the entry ramp.

The bonds were dated June 1, 2016, and construction on the financed projects was completed in November 2016.

State SIB Series 2014-1: Water Street Parking/Infrastructure Project

State SIB Series 2014-1 financed construction of a 480-space public parking structure for Phase I of an economic development project in the downtown Dayton riverfront area. The project included construction of the parking structure, street upgrades and new pedestrian and riverfront landscaping.

The project was completed in December 2015.

Federal SIB Series 2009-1: The Banks Intermodal Parking Garage

The Banks Intermodal Transit Facility consists of a multi-level parking structure of approximately 1040 spaces linking the Cincinnati Riverfront Transit Center to the City of Cincinnati’s central business district. The bond financing is one piece of a larger project, which encompasses an area of more than 120 acres with an estimated $135 million investment.