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Ohio Enterprise Bond Fund Program

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The Ohio Enterprise Bond Fund (“OEBF”) was created in 1988 to promote economic development, create and retain quality jobs and assist governmental operations.  The OEBF program enables non-profit and for-profit borrowers to access the national capital markets.  The program is administered by the Ohio Development Services Agency and financing is provided by the Treasurer's Office. Bonds issued through the OEBF program do not constitute a debt of the State, and neither the full faith and credit nor the taxing powers of the State are pledged to the payment of principal or interest on the bonds.

Since its inception in 1988, the Treasurer's Office has issued 142 bonds series through the OEBF program, totaling nearly $814 million in par, and ranging in size from $650,000 to $29 million.  The borrowers have included large corporations with rated debt to small, unrated corporations.  No OEBF Program bonds have ever been in default.

OEBF bonds are secured by a system of pooled debt service and reserve accounts, including, as of June 30, 2023, the following:

Primary Reserves of $20,049,953

Program Reserves of $11,122,656

Total Loan Repayments pledged as additional security: $242,072,560

Ohio Constitution, Article VIII, Section 13
Ohio Revised Code, Chapter 166

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