View frequently asked questions (FAQ) for Ohio Treasurer Investor Relations.

General Questions

How can I buy State of Ohio Bonds?

Potential investors of Ohio Treasurer bonds are able to obtain information about upcoming issuances and the process for purchasing those bonds both on the Ohio Treasurer’s website and at Buy Ohio Bonds. The Buy Ohio Bonds website, which is maintained by the Ohio Office of Budget and Management, also contains information about bonds issued by other authorized issuers in the state, including the Ohio Public Facilities Commission, the Ohio Housing Finance Authority, and the Ohio Water Development Authority.

Does the Ohio Treasurer issue all state supported bonds for the state?

No, the Ohio Treasurer is one of two issuers of state supported obligations. The Ohio Public Facilities Commission also issue state supported obligations.

Can I redeem a bond that I found through the Ohio Treasurer?

It depends on the bond type. If the Ohio Treasurer cannot determine the paying agent, a copy of the front of the bond certificate will be needed to determine where the bond can be redeemed. If a paying agent no longer exists, the Ohio Department of Commerce, Financial Institution Division, can be consulted to trace the successor bank(s). The Ohio Department of Commerce, Unclaimed Funds Division, can also be consulted for bonds escheated to the state.

Can I buy Ohio bonds directly from the Ohio Treasurer? Can I buy my bonds from the Ohio Treasurer to save on broker’s commission?

No, bonds must be purchased through a registered broker or dealer. The Ohio Treasurer does not endorse any particular mutual fund or broker or dealer.

How do I buy tax-free state municipal bonds?

Bonds issued by the State of Ohio may be purchased in the primary or secondary market from brokers, and in some cases, underwriting banks and financial institutions. Some investors also invest in tax-exempt mutual funds. Please call an investment advisor for further details. Commissions and fees vary among firms. Many investors shop around for the best combination of service and fees for their interests. The Ohio Treasurer is not permitted to provide investment advice. Check with a tax advisor to determine the types of securities that meet your tax reporting needs.

Are all State of Ohio bonds tax-exempt?

No, the State of Ohio also issues taxable debt from time to time. A potential investor should consult a tax advisor to determine the tax treatment of investments because the tax status of an individual varies and tax laws may change. The Treasurer of State does not offer tax advice.

If I own State of Ohio tax-exempt bonds, do I have to report them on my tax forms?

Individuals should consult their tax advisors, the Internal Revenue Service, or other taxation agencies regarding tax treatment and reporting requirements. Reporting tax-exempt income is often required on tax forms for informational purposes, even if not taxed.

Who should I contact to obtain information about bonds issued by a state authority or agency?

Ohio Building Authority 

Contact the Treasurer's office.  

Ohio Housing Finance Agency 

57 East Main Street Columbus, OH  43215

(614) 466-7970; (888) 362-6432   

Ohio Water Development Authority

480 South High Street Columbus, OH  43215

(614) 466-5822; (877) OWDA-123 

Ohio Public Facilities Commission 

Ohio Office of Budget & Management

30 East Broad Street, 34th Floor Columbus, Ohio 43215-3457

(614) 466-4034